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Under 16's FREE

Important Information

The Dorset Knob Throwing Games and its committee are attending the Cattistock Countryside Show as guests of the show's organisers.


While the Dorset Knob Throwing Games will be conducting its activities at the event, they are not liable for the overall management or organisation of the show. All responsibilities and liabilities for the entire event, including but not limited to safety, logistics, and any incidents that may occur, remain solely with the Cattistock Countryside Show organisers.  


Please note that purchasing tickets from this link will direct you to the Cattistock Countryside Show website, where entry tickets are available for purchase.


After event entry, tickets for the Knob Throwing Games will be available on the day, priced at only £1.00 each per game, and to be purchased in strips of 5

We look forward to seeing you there. 

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