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Dorset KnobThrowing and Frome Valley Food Festival (DKT) which takes place on Sunday 2 May 2021 in the village of Cattistock.

DKT has been running for about 15 years and has grown into one of the south west’s most popular and eagerly awaited outdoor events.  It attracts very significant media attention at both local and national level and in 2019 was enjoyed by over 8,000 visitors of all ages.  Our emphasis, as befits the name, is on Dorset.  As far as possible our entertainers, stall holders and partners are Dorset based and, of course, Dorset Knobs can only come from Dorset.  

DKT is not primarily a fundraising event, although that is usually a happy and welcome outcome, but is intended to be a fun day out that promotes this County generally and, more locally, the communities around Cattistock and the Frome Valley.

Setting-up and running DKT is certainly not inexpensive which is one of the reasons that we seek sponsorship.  We have never had a wash-out yet and on the only year that we experienced very heavy rainfall we still had enough visitors to return a cash surplus.  However, in the event of late cancellation or dreadful weather on the day, we do have to be prepared to meet committed expenses while retaining sufficient reserves to set-up the following year.  


Dorset Knob Throwing is a great event which is growing fast.